The third A400M makes its first flight from Seville Airport

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Oct 1, 2010

The third A400M development aircraft, known as MSn3, made its maiden flight last July from Seville airport, joining its sister aircraft MSn1 and MSn2 which were also in the air during the test flight.

With this test, the fleet of three models of the A400M has notched up 100 test flights and 400 flight hours. The MSn3 is the third of five aircraft which will participate in the test flight programme preceding delivery of the first A400M. This is the first aircraft to carry a medium flight test instrumentation load instead of the heavy test fit of the first two aircraft. It will be used mainly for auto-flight and aircraft systems development, along with route proving.

The final assembly of the fourth aircraft, MSn4, is nearing completion and it will make its first flight towards the end of the year. The fifth aircraft will be ready by mid-2011.