Support Order is published in the BOJA (Official Andalusian Gazette)

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Orden de Incentivos Junta Andalucía
Ayudas gestionadas por la Agencia IDEA
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Jan 30, 2012

The Official Andalucian Gazette has published the new Incentive Order to boost Innovation and Business Development in Andalusia 2012-2013 which is carried out by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science.

This new order comprises all the support activities from the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science for the enterprises: grants, reimbursable deposits, multi-instrument funds, etc. This support will be managed by the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia, IDEA. The order is incompatible with the Innplanta Programme (scientific and technology parks) and the ERDF-Interconnecta (funds from the Centre for Industrial Technological Development, CDTI).

We’ll inform you about the prime differences with the former incentive order. You can download the complete order from the following link: