More than 4,500 Andalusians have now received training in the aeronautical industry

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Oct 1, 2010

The Andalusian Regional Government, through the Ministry of Employment, has invested a total of 6 million euros in training courses for the aeronautical sector since 2005. This training programme for both employed and unemployed persons will enable more than 1,400 trainees to specialise in different professional areas related with the aeronautical industry this year.


The aeronautical sector has become one of the driving forces behind the Andalusian economy. Consequently, the Andalusian Regional Government has stepped up its efforts to promote training and the creation of employment in this sector in the coming years. nearly 6 million euros has been invested to train a total of 4,626 persons in the Andalusian aeronautical sector since 2005, an industry which has become the key stimulus for economic development in Andalusia and the second largest in Spain after Madrid.

A total of 1,003 unemployed and 3,623 employed persons received training in the Andalusian aeronautical industry during this period through one of the three main entities offering specialist training in this area: the Andalusian Foundation Training and Employment Fund (FAFFE), the Institute of Training and Research Studies (IFES) and the Training and Employment Foundation (Forem).

The FAFFE is an entity of the Regional Ministry of Employment which provides specialist training in the sector for both employed and unemployed persons, promoting improvements to the qualifications of the human resources in this ever-changing industry. As at the end of 2009, the FAFFE had provided 251 courses for 3,494 persons from more than 50 companies located in the provinces of Seville and Cádiz. According to forecasts, this year 1,328 persons will benefit from 94 training actions. Production, engineering, administration and interdisciplinary specialties such as quality control, prevention of hazards in the workplace, environmental awareness and English are some of the main areas offered.

The courses of specialist training for unemployed persons focus on new professional areas which are emerging as a consequence of the growing importance of the industry for the regional economy. As at the end of 2009, the entity had provided more than 16,000 training hours and 7,600 hours of practical work experience. It has also offered 4,800 training hours in highly specialised areas for 98 unemployed persons to occupy managerial positions in the aeronautical sector, with all those completing the course entering the labour market.

The Foundation has organised six courses for 2010 consisting of 3,692 training hours, which will be offered to 87 trainees. These include courses for aeronautical installation assembly workers, inspectors and multifunctional technicians for the manufacture of both composite materials and aeronautical systems. According to the Regional Minister of Employment, Manuel Recio, these types of initiatives enable access to aeronautical specialties which, due to their high costs, "were practically inaccessible" for the majority of young unemployed persons looking to enter a sector characterised by "high qualification levels and labour stability." The Foundation also offers aeronautical training in other European countries.

For example, it intends to participate in the Euroemployment programme to foster the mobility of workers in the Andalusian aeronautical industry throughout Europe, which will benefit 8,000 persons. This initiative promoted by the Regional Ministry of Employment involves the collaboration of French and German partners, which together with Spain are the countries responsible for the main European aeronautical programmes. With its involvement in this project, the Andalusian Regional Government reassumes the process of pooling experience and knowledge with other European countries in this strategic production sector which the FAFFE initiated in 2008 as part of the European Leonardo da Vinci programme.

Assembly workers, designers and engineers: the most in-demand professions in the sector

The FAFFE has prepared a report which identifies the 11 most in-demand professions in the Andalusian aeronautical sector, taking into account both the major manufacturers and auxiliary companies.

The findings indicate that aeronautical assembly workers, designers and engineers are in high demand. According to this study prepared in collaboration with Airbus Military, the Andalusian aeronautical industry is also seeking aeronautical installation assembly workers, tooling operators, adjusters, shaping and thermal treatment technicians and surface treatment and paint technicians, among others. The report also highlights the importance of reorienting training activities to meet the expected workload requirements of the A400M due to the large volume of subcontracted work this programme generates.