A group of European university students visits the FAL for the A400M and the facilities of FADA-CATEC

Oct 1, 2010

Forty members of the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) who are participating in a course on "new Generation Composite Materials and their Applications" organised by the Carlos III University in Madrid visited the FAL of the A400M and the facilities of the Cen- tre for Advanced Aerospace Technology (FADA-CATEC). This activity formed part of the course programme and involved the collaboration of FADA-CATEC.

During the course of the visit the students observed various dem- onstrations of non-destructive testing of aeronautical components made of carbon fibre. BEST is an association created in 1989 in Grenoble under the auspices of the European Union which cur- rently includes 82 European universities. Its main objec- tive is to foster international contact between university students to interchange experiences and knowledge in different research areas.