FADA-CATEC participates in the SINTONIA Project under the programme of CDTI

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Aeronáutica Andaluza nº14
Enero - Marzo 2010
Jan 1, 2010

A+A Unmanned Aircraft systems comprise one of the key areas of promotion and research in Andalusia through other initiatives such as the SINTONIA Project (Unmanned Systems with Zero Environmental Impact), approved by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology in the fifth edition of the Programme of National Strategic Consortiums for Technical Research (CENIT-E).

These projects are designed to develop the scientific-technological basis for the Spanish industry to assume an important role in the respective sectors of the projects presented. In the latest edition a total of 18 projects were approved with an average budget of 22.5 million euros, with SINTONIA being the only project from the aeronautical sector. This project is headed by Boeing Research & Technology Europe and involves participation by a total of 23 companies and 25 research entities and technological centres.

The SINTONIA consortium includes Andalusian companies, universities and research centres such as FADA-CATEC, which has three contracts under the project. “The Andalusian participation is not what had been hoped for given the size of the aeronautical sector in relation to the national total, but there has definitely been an increase with respect to similar projects in previous editions, which we hope to maintain and increase in future editions of CENIT-E to reflect the major efforts which are being made to diversify and improve the technological level of the Andalusian aerospace network,” Professor Ollero said.