Embraer receives the first components of the Phenom 100 from Alestis

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Aeronáutica Andaluza nº13
Septiembre - Diciembre 2009
Sep 2, 2009

The Minister of Innovation, Science and Enterprise of the Andalusian Regional Government, Martin Soler, announced that the Brazilian aeronautical company Embraer has now begun to receive the first parts for the Phenom 100 made by the Andalusian consortium Alestis Aerospace “in accordance with the schedule established".

The Minister explained that the Brazilian manufacturer has already certified the new Alestis facilities in Brazil, which enabled commencement in September of the manufacture of the parts for the horizontal and vertical tail plane, the flaps and part of the rear fuselage, which are being certified by Embraer upon delivery. The Phenom 100 represents a turnover of 350 million euros over 10 years for Alestis. Soler also stated that in late 2009 and early 2010 the manufacture of assembly parts will begin, a process which will directly involve Andalusian auxiliary companies which subcontract the manufacture of machining for the final assembly of the parts at Alestis Brazil, the most important composites plant in latin America involving an investment of uS$15 million.

Alestis has a portfolio worth more than 2,000 million euros a year, for in addition to the contracts for the manufacture of various packages for Embraer’s Phenom 100, a similar contract has also been signed for the Phenom 300 valued at uS$100 million and for which the first deliveries will be made in February of 2010. The Andalusian consortium also has contracts to manufacture the belly fairing and the tail cone of the A350, which will represent a turnover of 1,700 million euros. Soler confirmed that the Andalusian consortium is complying with "the commitments accepted" and that, without the creation of Alestis “Andalusia would not have the capacity to attract the programmes currently being developed".

Along these lines, Mr Soler indicated that for the time being new openings of facilities are not contemplated for Alestis and that "significant progress has been made" with the incorporation of new Andalusian enterprises in the consortium. Now the time has come to analyse the details of the share package offer at the current market price in order to determine the share percentage. Mr Soler confirmed that for the time being the savings banks and the IDEA Agency "will continue with the majority package".