The Andalusian government provides 26 million euros in funding for 52 projects by aeronautical companies in Seville

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Oct 1, 2010

The Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science has granted a total of 26.1 million euros in the form of different types of incentives to stimulate the growth of Seville’s aeronautical businesses. In total, the Andalusian authorities have supported 52 projects presented by auxiliary companies of the Andalusian Aerospace Technology Park, Aeropolis, which have involved private investment of 96 million euros and have resulted in the creation of more than 2,300 stable jobs and 1,341 temporary positions.

The majority of Seville’s aeronautical companies are based at Aeropolis, which currently occupies a site measuring 58 hec- tares. A total of 45 companies have purchased plots or buildings in this Technology Park, of which 41 are already functioning. These companies provide employment for more than 1,200 workers, the majority of which are university graduates or specialist technicians, and have a turnover of more than 100 million euros.

The Andalusian Regional Government has invested more than 40 million euros in Aeropolis in the form of land, industrial facilities and different installations.