The Andalusian aeronautical sector consolidates its growth, expanding its capabilities and positioning itself at the forefront of the international industry

Aug 8, 2011

Andalusian companies have assumed an increasing role in recent years through specialization and participation in major aeronautical programs, expanding their activities in technological fields with greater future potential and diversifying their portfolio of customers within the sector

In recent years the Andalusian aeronautical industry has consolidated its status as one of the most dynamic regions for this activity in Europe, assuming a greater role in the international market and increasing its capabilities and specialization through its involvement in key aeronauti- cal programs, its commitment to innovation and technology in fields with greater added value and diversification of its portfolio of customers.

This increasing prominence in the European and international aeronautical sector is evident in the following overview of the key players in the region’s aeronautical business network, which includes three Tier One suppliers with a major Andalusian presence: the Andalusian consortium Alestis Aerospace, Aernnova and Aciturri.


Aerospace Engineering Group (AEG) is a company devoted to the re- pair and maintenance of aircraft components, including both direct mainte- nance of components (except for structures and main engines) and hiring and sales services. It has a total of six branches distributed throughout the U.S.A. (three in Miami) and Spain (Bilbao, Madrid and Seville). This latter delegation, Cima Aeronáutica, is located at the Aerospace Technologi- cal Park of Andalusia, Aeropolis, where the company based itself in 2008 following an investment of 3 million euros. Its facilities carry out repairs of electromechanical, hydraulic, avionic, oxygen and fuel components. AEG also offers the advantage of being the only company providing component maintenance services at Aeropolis. Its aim is to consolidate its position as a benchmark for the maintenance of aeronautical components on a Eu- ropean scale, cooperating with the leading MROs (Maintenance and Re- pair Organizations) as a main subcontractor. The Seville plant plays a key role given that practically all Andalusian firms are devoted to manufacture, design and assembly and it is the only one that offers maintenance serv- ices. AEG’s main customers are Lufthansa Technick, KLM Engineering & Maintenance, Sabena Technics (TAT Group), the Spanish Air Force, Airbus Military and SR Technics.

Aernnova Andalucía

With its headquarters at Aeropolis, Aernnova Andalucía is a member company of Aernnova, one of the three Tier One companies working with the leading aeronautical manufacturers. It mainly works in the area of structural assembly (metal, kevlar, fiberglass and carbon fiber), offering complete project management. Its most important customers are Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Eurocopter and Sikorsky. In 2010 the company was also awarded the contract for the manufacture of the rear fuselage of 151 nH90 helicopters for the Italian manufacturer Agusta Westland, with a value of 26 million euros and an expected 30 new jobs over the next six years. The company’s intention is for the Seville plant to specialize in as- sembly of metal and carbon fiber structures for helicopters, converting it into the first Spanish plant of this type. Apart from this work package, the Seville plant is also working on the contract for the fuselage and tail cone of Eurocopter’s Superpuma EC 225/725. Other current projects by the company include section 13 L/H of the fuselage for the A-330/340, the V/ STAB for the Embraer 170/190, the structure, bullet fairing, complete fit- ting out and VStab systems for the CRJ700/900/1000 and the structure, elevators, complete fitting out, systems and HStab functional testing for the CRJ700/900/1000, in the latter case for Bombardier.


The Aerotecnic-Mecatecnic Group specializes in the manufacture of machined parts, tooling for both manufacture and assembly, measure- ment using laser trackers and ultrasound inspections of carbon fiber com- posite materials. Located at the Aerospace Technological Park of Andalu- sia, Aeropolis (Seville), its facilities occupy 7,500 square meters and it has a highly qualified and experienced workforce. It works for some of the lead- ing companies in the sector such as Airbus Military, Alestis, Grupo Aciturri, Aernnova and CESA, including involvement in the A400M, A380, A320, A330, C295, Cn235, B777 and EFA 2000 programs.

Aerosur (Grupo Aciturri)

Aerosur (Aeronáutica del Sur) is a company specializing in assembly, fit- ting and integration of major aerostructures. With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, it has now joined forces with the Aciturri group, a leading Spanish supplier of aerostructures for the main aircraft manufactur- ers. This company has accordingly consolidated its status as a Tier One company with the full range of technology necessary to offer customers a fully finished product. Aerosur has facilities totaling more than 15,000 square meters in Cádiz and Seville and a staff of 220 professionals spe- cializing in integration, fitting and assembly. The company also has its own office at the Airbus facilities in Hamburg, where its Engineering and Quality Control teams provide direct support on the FAL for the A380 and A320. It is currently working on a wide range of programs, including the structural assembly of section 18 of the fuselage for the A320 family, the assembly and fitting of the central wing box of the Cn235, the assembly of the slats and doors of the main landing gear for the B717 and integration of the wing section for the C295.


This Andalusian engineering and consultancy firm specializing in the aer- onautical industry and airports has continued to grow since its foundation in 1997. The Aertec Aerospace division provides added value services for major international aerospace programs, with highly qualified staff special- izing in engineering of industrial operations, aircraft systems and infrastruc- tures. It has participated in programs for the A350, the A400M, the C295, the Cn235, the A330 MRTT, the P3 Orion and the Eurofighter, among others, and it is a trusted supplier to customers such as Airbus, EADS, Cassidian and the Spanish Ministry of Defense. Aertec has increased its international presence to position itself strategically in the world's major aeronautical regions. This year the company opened branches in Toulouse (France) and Lisbon (Portugal) and it has signed collaboration agreements in Brazil and the United Kingdom. It has also made a strong commitment to R&D, acquiring cutting-edge technology which grants it the capacity to market its own solutions. Aertec currently works throughout Spanish territory and in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Australia, China, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey and Kuwait. It has a staff of more than 230 professionals.


Airgrup is a recently established Andalusian company for the develop- ment and manufacture of tubing and ducting systems, modules and metal components for the aeronautical and aerospace sector. Since its establish- ment in 1992, the company has undergone continuous growth which has positioned it at the forefront of the national and international aeronautical industry. The highly qualified professional team at Airgrup has focused in recent years on the consolidation of know-how, increasing and develop- ing new organizational, engineering and design capabilities in order to offer complete solutions to its customers. Its products and services include the design of fluid ducting systems (hydraulic, fuel, etc), manufacture of pipes using CnC pipe bending techniques and modules with welding technol- ogy, machining, sheet metal work, final processes and fitting out and the manufacture and complete management of fitted structural metallic com- ponents. The company is working on the fluid systems and aerostructures of the A400M and the fitting of the TP400 engine tubing; the fuel system of the A330MRTT; the boom and complete fluid systems for the C295 and Cn235 and the complete fluid systems of the A320, A330-340 and A380; the metal components and installations of the horizontal tail plane (HTP) for the EFA Falcon 7XX; the wing and HTP of the Bombardier CRJ-170; the rear fuselage of the Embraer 145 and 170; and the vertical tail plane (VTP), wing and rear fuselage of the Sikorsky S92. Its facilities are located at the Aerospace Technological Park, Aeropolis.

Alestis Aerospace

Constituted in autumn of 2009, Alestis Aerospace is the leading Anda- lusian Tier One supplier resulting from the merger of Grupo Alcor and Sac- esa. Created with the backing of the Andalusian Regional Government, it has established itself as a leading supplier with projects all over the world and a burgeoning portfolio of customers. The group focuses on technolog- ical innovation and products in the field of composites and complex aero- structure support, together with metal components. Alestis has a turnover of 130 million euros and a portfolio of orders worth over 3 billion euros for the next 10 years. It has a staff of 1,645 employees, 75,000 square meters of facilities and eight plants in Seville, Puerto Real, Puerto de Santa María, Madrid and Vitoria, as well as two plants in Brazil. Alestis is the Spanish leader for composite manufacture using CFRP technologies (Automated Lay Up, Fiber Placement, Autoclaves, CnC Timing machines, CScan and Hot Forming). The company is also making major investments in R&D through its participation in various programs through its technological centers in Seville and Madrid. A Tier One supplier for Airbus and Embraer, its main jobs include the design, development and manufacture of the belly fairing and tail cone of the A350XW3, the front and rear fuselage and empennages of the C295/Cn235 and the central fuselage of the Legacy 450/530. In addition, the company manufactures various composite parts for the Phenom 100 and 300 and participates in other programs such as the A380, A400M, A320, A340, ERJ190 and B777.


CESA (Compañía Española de Sistemas Aeronáuticos) is a company with more than twenty years in the industry. It is currently a European lead- er for the design, development, production, maintenance and after-sales service of an extensive range of mechanical equipment and systems for aeronautical and aerospace applications, including landing gear, actuators, ramp and cargo door systems, hydraulic units and engine components. Established in 1989, the company is owned by EADS-CASA (60%) and the Goodrich Group (40%). With its main headquarters at Getafe (Madrid), CESA is present through its Services division on the FAL for the A400M in Seville, where it is responsible for fitting the engine, wheels and brakes. It is also working on the A400M work packages for the landing gear, the cargo ramp and door actuation system, the hydraulic system and com- ponents of the pneumatic system, as well as the fitting of the propellers for certain Airbus Military models (C295, Cn235). It also participates in the A350 program (development of the main landing gear actuators), the A380 (hydraulic reservoirs and nose landing gear retraction actuator), the A330 (manufacture and support for the nose landing gear actuators), Cassidian Atlante (development and manufacture of the landing gear), the TAI Hurkus (development of the complete hydraulic system and flap actuator) and vari- ous components of the Eurofighter. With more than 260 employees and sales of nearly 60 million euros, the company invests heavily in R&D, partici- pating in technological projects such as Prosave2 and Deimos.


This company carries out comprehensive management of machining jobs for large aeronautical parts and aerostructures of the leading aircraft manufacturers. Together with Inespasa and Meupe it has created Grupo UMI Aeronáutica, a new consortium to strengthen and consolidate its position in the aeronautical market by pooling resources. This aeronauti- cal group employs more than 270 workers and its constitution will result in new business opportunities with other companies in the sector at a national and international level. Located at the El Pino Industrial Estate in Seville, Consur has more than 20 years of experience in the aeronautical industry, working in particular with EADS. It specializes in the manufac- ture of aeronautical components, assembly of aerostructures and five- axis programming and machining for parts measuring up to 10 meters. It participates in the programs for the A380, A320, Eurofighter EF2000 and Bombardier CRJ 900/1000, along with parts for the horizontal tail plane of the A400M.

CT Ingenieros

The CT Ingenieros Group provides turnkey engineering services and technical support. With more than 650 professionals, it works in the aer- onautical, naval, automotive, rail, industrial and renewable energy sec- tors in the fields of Product Design and R&D, Manufacturing and Prod- uct Support Engineering. CT Ingenieros has been in the business for 19 years and it has facilities in Getafe, Barcelona, Bilbao, Vigo and Seville (Aeropolis). It also has other branches in Toulouse (France), Hamburg (Germany), Bangalore (India) and Lisbon and Porto (Portugal). Aeronau- tics represents 60% of its activity and it has participated in the design stage of the leading European civil and military aeronautical programs. The company is responsible for more than 60% of the modifications to the A330MRTT tanker aircraft, various sections of the belly fairing of the A380 and the HTP of the Falcon 7X by Dassault. It also currently has an important engineering work package for the A350WXB aircraft by Airbus.

Easy Industrial Solutions

This technological company started as a spin-off of the University of Cádiz and focuses its activity in two major business areas: composite manufacture and consultancy services in the fields of quality control, safety, environment, energy, occupational health and safety and spe- cialist training. Located at the Bahía de Cádiz Technological Park, Tec- nobahía, in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), the company has an R&D center for the development of new materials and applications for com- posites and improvements to production and management. In addition to the manufacture of light structures using composites and carbon fiber, its services include the development of new production processes with Hand Lay UP, RTM and VARTM technology. Easy Industrial Solu- tions works for customers such as Airbus, Airbus Military, Alestis and Aresa and its main jobs include the programs for the A320, the A340, the A380 version GP and T900, the A400M and the A310.


This Andalusian business group has established itself as a leader for engineering, integration, manufacture and maintenance of multidisci- plinary systems. Its main focus is on electric, electronic and avionic sys- tems for the aerospace, security, defense, civil naval and airport sector. Its headquarters on a site measuring 23,000 square meters are located at Aeropolis in Seville, although it also has another three facilities in Spain (Madrid, Gran Canaria and Tenerife) and international branches in Mexico (Querétaro), Brazil (Sao José dos Campos), Chile (Santiago) and Colombia (Bogotá). Elimco is a national leader for the design and production of wiring harnesses, cabin control units, test benches and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and it is a Tier One supplier for major manufacturers such as Airbus, Cassidian, Airbus Military, Eurocopter, Bombardier and Embraer. It partici- pates in important aeronautical programs such as the C295, Cn235, A330 MRTT, A330, A400M, A350, Eurofighter, P3 Orion, F-18, Tiger, nH90 and EC-135. In 2010 it established a joint venture with the German Prettl group, Elimco-Prettl Aerospace, which is based in the city of Querétaro and is set to become the leading world manufacturer of wiring harnesses for aero- nautical applications. The company has also made a strong commitment to the development of UAVs, establishing itself through its specialization in the design, development, integration and manufacture of micro, mini and tactical versions of these types of aircraft.


Faasa is a Córdoba-based company which focuses on aircraft and helicopter operations (firefighting, medical emergencies, civil defense and public transport of passengers and payloads), aircraft maintenance and aeronautical training. It is the only company in the Andalusian sector per- forming aerial missions with both aircraft and helicopters and it is the sec- ond company in Spain with a 20% market share. It carries out its activities in Spain, Portugal and Chile with a staff of more than 300 employees and a fleet of over 75 aircraft. Another highlight is its aeronautical training divi- sion, with aircraft maintenance and avionics courses for technicians and commercial pilot courses in different categories. More than 350 students have participated in these courses since 1999. This year it has expanded its options for pilots and it now offers a comprehensive range of aeronauti- cal training services. The members of the Faasa Group are Faasa Aviación, CAEnA (the Andalusian Aeronautical Training Center), Heliduero, Faasa Chile and the Sebastián Almagro Foundation, an institution devoted to rais- ing society’s awareness of aviation and environmental protection.


This Andalusian company specializes in non-destructive testing, applica- tion of surface treatments and fitting out of aeronautical components and assemblies. Although it was only established in 2004 it has already made its mark in the field of aeronautical component finishing. Based at Aeropo- lis, Galvatec invested more than 6 million euros in its early years to build two production plants and enable its specialization in the field of surface treat- ments. With more than 3,000 square meters devoted to production and 400 square meters of management, engineering and quality control facili- ties, it is now the leading Spanish company for aeronautical surface treatments. It has achieved certification of its special processes by the quality control departments of the main aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Eurocopter and Bombardier. The company also has a major role in the A400M program, being responsible for the paintwork and application of sealants on the flap fairings, as well as the surface treatment and paint work for parts of the fan cowl for the A380.

Ghenova Aeronáutica

Ghenova Aeronáutica is a company of the Ghenova Ingeniería Group which offers high added-value services in the field of aerostructure design and calculation, tooling design and manufacturing development engineer- ing. It also specializes in the use of composite materials. The company aims to offer a complete service from conceptual design through to cer- tification, including development of manufacturing processes and servic- ing support for aircraft, with efficient project management throughout the process. Ghenova Aeronáutica has participated in recent years in leading civil and military programs such as the A400M, the B787 and the A380. It is currently working on projects involving new composite design and manu- facturing technologies such as the belly fairing of the A350 XWB. With its central headquarters in Seville and branches in Ferrol, Madrid, Berlin (Ger- many) and Río de Janeiro (Brazil), since 1983 Ghenova has also offered multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering services in the naval, aero- nautics, civil and industrial engineering sectors. The company had a turno- ver of 17.5 million euros in 2010 and it has a staff of over 300 employees. With its proven ability to manage projects of any kind and its high levels of efficiency and quality, it has established itself as a national and international leader in both civil and military fields, participating in successfully complet- ed projects such as the famous Queen Mary II Cruise Liner and Line 1 of the underground railway in Seville.


This Seville-based company supplies illuminated panels for the cockpit of the A330, C295, Cn235, C101, and C212 aircraft by Airbus Military. It is the only company in Spain with the necessary technology to supply these panels, including nVIS (night Vision Imaging Systems) and other technical features and LED technology. The company also manufactures non-illu- minated control panels for ground-based aeronautical, naval and military equipment and it is currently working jointly with CATEC on the manufacture of illuminated knobs. The company has diversified its activities in the field of simulators and it collaborates with the technological company Indra on the EC175, EC225, BEL412 and SH-60 programs. With only 10 employees, Grabysur is now undergoing a period of expansion after vari- ous years working to develop its own products. Its aim is to achieve new business opportunities through the experience gained from participation in leading aeronautical programs.


Inespasa (Industria Especializada en Aeronáutica) is one of the leading Spanish companies for the design and manufacture of aeronautical tool- ing and calculation of aerostructures, machining of parts and fitting and assembly of subassemblies. Established in 1986, the company is in the midst of an important expansion process which has involved significant in- vestment in next-generation CnC machines with a view to future projects. This will be complemented this year with the inauguration of a new engi- neering and tooling development center for its site at Aeropolis. Last year the company constituted Grupo UMI Aeronautica together with Meupe, which was subsequently joined by Consur. With this initiative, Inespas is looking to consolidate its position in the national and international market and opt for new contracts with the leading manufacturers in the sector. In recent months the company has added new work packages for Embraer, Bombardier and Airbus Operations Limited to its portfolio of customers, which already includes EADS, Airbus, Boeing, Alestis and Aernnova. Its most important jobs include the design and manufacture of the tooling system for the wing fatigue test of the A400M, the MRTT transformation tooling and the development of new composite wing structures under the DAICA project regarding impacts on aircraft.


Intec-Air is a company of the Tier One supplier Aernnova based in the Zona Franca Industrial Zone in Cádiz specializing in aeronautical sheet met- al work, final processes and subassemblies. Its 8,000 square meter facili- ties include two warehouses for sheet metal work and structure assembly. Its main customer is Aernnova itself, although it also carries out jobs for Em- braer, Bombardier, EADS and Eurocopter. Its factory will be responsible for the manufacture of the rear fuselage parts of the 151 nH90 helicopters for Agusta Westland which are to be built by the parent company, the as- sembly of which will subsequently be carried out at the Seville plant before customer delivery. Its main services and products include the manufacture of basic metal parts (aluminum, steel and titanium), subassemblies and aerostructures, thermal and surface treatments and chemical milling tech- niques for aluminum and aluminum alloys.


The ITP (Industria de Turbopropulsores) group is owned by Sener Aer- onáutica and Rolls-Royce. It carries out design, research and development, manufacture, casting, assembly and testing of aeronautical engines and gas turbines, as well as maintenance for the majority of the world’s engine manufacturers. The group has 17 plants in Spain, the UK, Malta, the USA and Mexico and a staff of 2,650 workers. It has two plants in Seville: one in the capital city for the assembly of the TP400-D6 engine of the A400M and another at Morón de la Frontera for the OATB (Open Air Test Bed) of the same aircraft. During 2010, ITP invested more than 58 million euros in R&D, making it the Spanish leader in this sense. More than half of this investment was to develop the Trent 1000 and Trent XWB engines which power the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the new Airbus A350 respectively. It is also working on the Trent 900 Engine for the A380.


This Spanish company specializes in sales, storage, distribution, plan- ning and management of logistic resources. It has two subsidiaries devot- ed to industrial and aeronautical logistics; LTK Industrial & Aeronautic Lo- gistic Services, with plants in Seville, Cádiz, Madrid, Vitoria and Albacete; and LTK400, specifically created in Seville after it won the contract for the complete logistics of the A400M. The Andalusian subsidiary has a plant at Aeropolis for comprehensive logistics management of the A400M and other EADS products until 2023. In 2010, LTK opened new facilities at the El Trocadero Industrial Estate in Puerto Real (Cádiz) for the storage, distri- bution and administrative management of production orders for the A320 and A380 programs, and also for those of the company Alestis for the Cn-235 and Cn-295. Following its inauguration, the company is looking to strengthen its network of facilities to provide services throughout Spain for aeronautics and also the technological, chemical, pharmaceutical and renewable energy sectors.

Mave Aeronáutica

Mave Aeronáutica is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of quality control services for the aeronautical industry. With its headquarters in Cádiz, this firm employing more than 150 aerospace specialists offers complete and direct services for major customers such as Airbus Military, Airbus and Alestis, among others. Its main activities are quality control for tooling and production resources (maintenance and complete turnkey logistics; delivery, metrology and QA supervision of tools and resources; and calibration of CnC machines), quality engineering (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and En9100 quality management systems; devel- opment of quality control processes and product quality management; KPIs, audits, certification and qualification) and quality inspections (delivery of aeronautical components, inspections of basic parts, assemblies and aerostructures, final assembly lines and/or flight test centers).


This company in the defense and security sector specializes in the de- sign, manufacture, testing and validation of electronic systems with spe- cific applications, test benches, on-board equipment and communica- tions systems. Its experience in the defense (land, air and sea) and security industry has earned the respect of customers and enabled it to focus its research and innovation activities on the future needs of the industry. MDU participates in leading aeronautical programs such as the A400M, the Eurofighter, the A330 MRTT, the SASEMAR C295 patrol aircraft, the Deep Water Cn235 and the revamped P3B-Orion. It also works on the main Spanish naval programs such as the S80 submarine, the F100 frigates and the AEGIS and SCOMBA control systems. Flight controls, embedded critical systems, data links with radio software technology and frequency hopping, Satcom On The Move, mission consoles and control and distri- bution units are some of the key products in the portfolio of services offered by MDU. A member of the IUD company group, it is now looking to expand its range of products and own technology to provide its customers with further added value. The company has facilities in Seville and Madrid.

Mecanizados y Montajes Aeronáuticos

This company specializes in machining and fitting of metal components and subassemblies, along with paneling and tooling for the aeronautical sector. It also carries out non-destructive tests and surface treatments for several of its customers, which include EADS, Airbus and Embraer. It has participated in leading aeronautical programs such as the C295, Cn235, A380, A340, A320, MRTT, Embraer ERJ 170-190 and Superpuma. The company has its headquarters at El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), al- though it also has facilities at Chiclana de la Frontera.


Established in 1986, this company focuses its activity on complete management of subassembly machining and assembly, with delivery to customers on the Final Assembly Line. It works on programs such as the C295, the Cn235, Sasemar, the Eurofighter, the Superpuma helicopter, the C101, the C212 and the Airbus family, with EADS products dominating its portfolio. Mecaprec also performs aluminum and titanium machining of aerostructures for the A380, and flight test parts for the A400M. Its 2,500 square-meter facilities are located in the Zona Franca Industrial Zone of Cádiz.


Metal Improvement Company (MIC) specializes in metal treatments for aircraft components and parts using the Shot Peening technique. It is also one of the leading firms for industrial applications of this type to improve metal fatigue. The company is now focusing on new Laser Peening tech- nology, which will enable it to take a further step in the evolution of its metal treatment services and apply new coatings using solid lubricants and ther- mal spraying (HVOF). Established in 1945, MIC is a subsidiary of the Curtiss Wright Corporation and it works directly for leading Andalusian firms such as Sevilla Control, Alestis, Inespasa, Consur, Meupe and CESA, along with the major aeronautical manufacturers Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier. Its major projects include participation in the development of the fuselage for the Legacy 450-500, as well as the Bombardier CSeries. The company has facilities measuring 1,500 square meters at Aeropolis.


A member of the Seville-based MP Group with activities in various indus- trial sectors all over the world, MP’s aeronautical division carries out com- plete manufacturing and assembly projects and design, manufacture and assembly of tooling and other production resources, as well as maintenance and statistics management for spare parts. With a total of 200 employees, MP has developed an engineering product with greater added value, apply- ing the Lean Manufacturing philosophy to assembly process reengineering projects. It also carries out assembly engineering projects (FAL assembly processes and structural assemblies, definition of the manufacturing struc- ture of technical spare parts specifications, development engineering in customer facilities and technical support for programs) and it is a preferred engineering supplier (E2S AIM+). The company has advanced into areas such as tooling engineering for automation of assembly lines (aerostruc- ture and auxiliary assembly tool design, structure calculations, design and manufacture of test benches and functional tests), increasing its capabilities and its presence on the C295, Cn235, A400M and A330 MRTT programs. As for its industrial services, the company works on the maintenance of the Airbus Military facilities at San Pablo and the Bahía de Cádiz consortium at El Puerto de Santa María. It also provides Airbus Military with a service for the management and repair of consumable and depreciable tools for the manufacture of basic parts.


Meupe is an Andalusian company with a history spanning 50 years spe- cializing in the manufacture and assembly of structural parts and precision machining for the aeronautical and automotive sectors. It also works in the field of industrial systems engineering, process automation and robotic sys- tems. This company with its headquarters at Umbrete (Seville) is currently working on the C295, Cn235, A380, A400M and ERJ145 programs, with the A320 and the A340 occupying the most prominent positions in the company’s turnover. It is responsible for the machining of the passenger doors and other structural parts of these Airbus aircraft. Meupe is one of the members of the new Grupo UMI consortium together with Inespasa and Consur, which will facilitate synergies and optimize resources to open up the possibility of new projects with the leading aeronautical manufacturers and Tier One suppliers.


This Andalusian company working in the aerospace, naval and military industry focuses its activity on the design and production of turnkey on- board systems, from their mechanical structure through to wiring and component integration. Its certifications in the space and aeronautics in- dustry have enabled it to gain the confidence of the most demanding cus- tomers, which include the European Space Agency (ESA), Airbus Military and navantia. Its most significant projects in 2010 included major involve- ment on the METEOR, S80, A350, A400M, SH60R, VEGA/VERTA, BAM, BPE and F105 programs. This company which has its main facilities at Aer- opolis also has its own 4,000 square-meter plant in Mexico. In early 2010 it obtained AS9100 certification, which has enabled it to start up production of wiring harnesses for the Latin American aeronautical sector. It is also present in Greece, Portugal, France, Brazil and the United States. More than 90% of navair’s sales are products developed by the company itself, offering its customers complete engineering and manufacturing services. Since its establishment at Aeropolis in 2005 the company has had an aver- age 30% interannual growth in employment and sales.


The Prescal company group has established itself as a leader in the field of integrated consultancy and quality engineering services, with a special emphasis on the aeronautical and defense industry. Since 2003 it has in- tensified its professional training services for the leading companies in the sector through projects such as its Masters course in aeronautical quality management and specialist courses for structure assembly, verification and composites manufacture. Prescal works from its 4,500 square-meter facilities at Aeropolis to provide support for leading international companies such as Airbus Operations, Airbus Military, Iberia Maintenance, Eurocop- ter, Alestis Aerospace, Aernnova y General Dynamics (GDSBS), among others. Its most important services include training and knowledge man- agement, monitoring and management of the supply chain, quality engi- neering and inspections, process and product audits, technical publica- tions, Lean Manufacturing consultancy and risk management.


Servimec is a newly established Seville-based company specializing in machining of aeronautical parts and manufacture of assembly units for structural subassemblies. Its facilities are located at the Macarena Indus- trial Estate in Seville and its main lines of activity are the C295 and Cn235 aircraft for Airbus Military. Since its constitution it has progressively applied new technology and continuous improvements to its processes, machin- ery and quality management systems. Servimec has its own design, en- gineering and quality control departments, which enable it to undertake production of all kinds of metal parts and meet the needs of its many cus- tomers in the national and international sector.

Sevilla Control (Group)

This Andalusian aeronautical group is made up of five subsidiary com- panies (Sevilla Control, Aeroestructuras Sevilla, Aercal, Tecaer and AyG), which carry out all kinds of manufacturing processes for metal and non- metal parts. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, it has five plants located in Seville equipped with the latest technology and a highly skilled workforce. Sevilla Control and Aeroestructuras Sevilla are responsible for the manufacture and complete management of aero- structure assembly, as well as final and special processes and thermal and surface treatments for programs such as the Eurofighter 2000, the P3-Orion, the A400M and the MRTT. Aercal supplies parts and structural subassemblies to Airbus Military, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Alestis, Aernnova and Aciturri, among others, while Tecaer specializes in design and production engineering, participating in the C295 and Cn235 programs. Finally, AYG is a logistics platform responsible for purchase and supply of materials for the group and other customers in the sector. This company is in charge of the EADS logistics center for the A400M.


This Seville-based company specializes in the manufacture of metal components and composites, mechanical cables and aerostructure subassemblies, carrying out comprehensive product management for leading manufacturers in the sector. Located at Aeropolis since 2006, it has expanded its facilities to a total of 10,000 square meters following the opening of its new production plant, which has involved an investment of 11 million euros. It has also expanded its technological capabilities by in- corporating advanced machining and thermal treatment machinery with the aim of positioning itself as a leader for the complete manufacturing process of parts and panels. With sales of around 15 million euros and a staff of 120 workers, Sofitec is intensifying its international expansion proc- ess in Brazil and Canada, which will enable it to double its overseas sales over the next two years to reach 40% of its total turnover. The company works for Airbus, Airbus Military, Boeing, Embraer, Eurofighter, Alestis and Aernnova on the A320, A340, A380, B777, A400M, EF2000, C212, C295 and Cn235 programs, among others.


This company specializing in painting, sealants and interior fittings for aircraft has established itself at the forefront of its field. Its facilities include a new hangar for aircraft painting and sealing at Airbus Military’s San Pablo plant in Seville, which was inaugurated last January following an invest- ment of 18 million euros. It will be responsible for the painting and sealing of the A400M aircraft as it leaves the FAL located on the same site. STSA offers the most modern and technologically advanced painting facilities in the world and it can also carry out jobs for other aircraft and companies. The company started its activities in 2004 and it has three plants, two in Seville and one in Getafe. With a staff of over 100 qualified professionals, STSA had a turnover of 12 million euros in 2010 and it has expanded its activities to the rest of Spain, collaborating with European airlines to carry out various aircraft surface treatment jobs. Airbus, Alestis, Aernnova, Alita- lia and Air France Industries are some of its main customers.


Established in 1959, TADA is one of the veterans of the Andalusian aero- nautical industry. It focuses its activities in the field of machining, thermal and surface treatments, assembly of subassemblies and aerostructures and design and manufacture of tooling for the aerospace industry. Its most important jobs include basic parts and subassemblies for the Airbus A320, A340 and A380, the Bombardier CRJ700 and the Embraer 145-170 pro- grams, the carriage and flap roller box for the Boeing B717, the flight simulator structure for the A320 and Cn235, the wing assembly tooling of the EF2000 and the Vulcan-Ariane engine support. The company has a 1,000 square-meter machining plant at the Aerospace Technological Park of Andalusia, Aeropolis (Seville). The rest of its activities are carried out at its 6,000 square-meter central headquarters located in the Industrial Zone of the Port of Seville.

TAM (Group)

This Madrid-based company has a notable presence in Andalusia, with facilities at Aeropolis (Seville) and Puerto Real (Cádiz). In the aeronautical industry, which accounts for 40% of its sales, it carries out activities in the field of machining (tools and tooling); manufacture of wiring harnesses for aircraft; verification, measurements and certifications using Laser Tracker technology; and industrial and product engineering. Among its other projects, TAM designs several of the tools used to manufacture the belly fairing of the A380, with engineers posted to the Airbus plants at Puerto Real and the Airbus Military plant at San Pablo and participation in the product design of the engine hoods for the A400M. nonetheless, its most important job is the design and manufacture of the tooling for the transport of the horizontal tail plane of the A400M. Its main customers are Airbus, EADS-CASA, Boeing, Aernnova, ITP CESA, Indra, Sener and navantia.


Testing and Engineering of Aeronautical Materials and Structures (TEAMS) is a company created as a spin-off of the University of Seville which provides technical support in relation to materials through mechani- cal, physical-chemical and structural tests and non-destructive inspections (nDI). TEAMS is currently one of only four facilities in Spain with the capac- ity to carry out tests of large components for the aerospace sector, and the only one which is wholly privately owned. The company was recently named a Tier One supplier for Materials and Processes by Airbus, making it the only Spanish laboratory with this distinction and only the fourth at an international level. In addition, Alestis has awarded TEAMS the complete testing program for the materials, components and systems of the belly fairing and tail cone of the future A350. It also carries out jobs for Airbus Military, Aernnova, Cassidian and Eurocopter. TEAMS is based at the Aerospace Technological Park of Andalusia, Aeropolis.

Two to Test

This Andalusian company carries out aeronautical activities for the com- pany EITT, which has its headquarters in Madrid and is a leader for testing engineering in the field of industrial automation. An expert in the integration of MDA and Functional Tests, it offers its customers all kinds of turnkey so- lutions for verification, maintenance and repairs of electronic products. Its facilities are located at La Carolina (Jaén) and it is currently working mainly on the A400M and nH90 programs. Its main customers are Airbus Mili- tary, Eurocopter, Iberia, Indra and ITP.

UMI Aeronáutica

UMI Aeronáutica is a consortium made up of three of the leading Anda- lusian companies for design and manufacture of machining and tooling in the aerospace sector: Meupe, Inespasa and Consur. With a team of 300 employees, the company’s aim is to establish itself as a strategic supplier for the main manufacturers and Tier One suppliers for turnkey technological projects, offering high added value and top service to ensure its competitive- ness in the international aeronautical market. It carries out complete product management from the concept through to after-sales service, including de- sign, development, production engineering and manufacturing of tooling, along with logistics and complete quality management. Major civil programs it is working on include the A320, A330, A340, A380, Falcon F7X, Bombar- dier CRJ Family, Embraer E145, E170 and E190 programs. Meanwhile, its military projects include the A400M, the A330 MRTT, the C295, the Cn235, the C212, the Eurofighter 2000 and the Sikorsky S92. The company has fa- cilities measuring 4,500 square meters at Aeropolis for its engineering and development activities and a manufacturing plant in the Industrial Zone of Tangier (Morocco).