The Airbus plant at Puerto Real delivers the 1,000th elevator for the A330/A340

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Oct 1, 2010

The Airbus plant at Puerto Real held a ceremony to mark the delivery of the 1000th elevator assembled at the Cádiz factory for the A330 and A340 family of aircraft (except for the A340-600, which uses different elevators). This is the second milestone in recent weeks for this family of aircraft, for last May the plant delivered the 1000th lateral box for the horizontal tail plane. More than 80% of these sections are made of carbon fibre, resulting in reduced weight and fuel consumption and improving the aircraft's eco-efficiency.

The elevator assembly consists of a semi-automated process which involves around 20 workers, while a total of 60 workers are involved in the work for the lateral boxes. These structures are transported by road to the Airbus facilities at Getafe, where they are used to assemble the horizontal tail plane for the A330 and A340 family of aircraft.