Airbus Military awards several Andalusian engineering enterprises a new work package valued at €21 millions

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Feb 1, 2012

The concentration of aerospace engineering enterprises in Andalusia, which has been firmly encouraged by the aerospace cluster Hélice as one of the strategic lines to improve Andalusian industry’s asset at an international level, is bearing fruit. Airbus Military has awarded three prime enterprises in the region resulted from this concentration process: MDU, Glenser Aerospace and Ayesa Air Control (AAC), the first work package.

The Spanish CT Ingenieros, also present in Andalusia through its subsidiary CT Ingenieros Andalucía and top level supplier (E2S) for EADS, will be awarded as well a part of this workload that will be defined in the next few weeks.

Altogether, it’s a work package of 600.000 hours which involve the A400M programme and other own Airbus Military products of medium and light size (C295, C235 and C212). 200 hundred engineers will be sub-hired thanks to this award. By its side, Airbus Military will assume the other 600.00 working hours through its own engineering service.

With this important nugget of news the Andalusian aerospace engineering is being strengthened. In the last few months, they have been committed to different fusion and strengthening business process to gain more weight before the possibilities of new contracts from the prime international manufacturers. The aerospace cluster Hélice has encouraged and wholeheartedly supported this process.

Like this, MDU has acquired the aerospace industrial division of MP. Aertec and Elimco have created the new engineering enterprise Glenser Aerospace; and Ayesa and the Sevilla Control have merged to boost their new subsidiary AAC. By its side, CT Ingenieros has signed an agreement of collaboration with Mave, which is specialized in quality engineering.