Aena and Airbus Military sign an agreement to create a new industrial zone at Seville Airport

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Oct 18, 2012

The President of Aena, José Manuel Vargas, and the CEO of Airbus Military, Domingo Ureña, have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the development of an aerospace technology park on the site of Seville Airport.

The aeronautical company, which already has a factory next to Seville Airport, will have access to 62,252 m² of land owned by Aena and another 15,000 m² to cover additional needs which this new project may generate.  In total, the technology park will occupy 180,000 m² of land owned by the airport management company.

With this initiative, Airbus Military plans to expand its activities in the fields of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and integrated military aviation services, along with premises for business lines which the company may develop in the future.

The agreement, which extends through to 2031, will also enable suppliers of Airbus Military to establish themselves in this technology park in order to meet future needs.