Two to Test



3T ( Two to Test) is one of the companies of a business group ( EIIT ) which designs and manufactures high tech products. It has been operating for over twenty years in the automatic testing equipment sector. EIIT/3T is a technological leader in the design, development and manufacture of testing equipment, providing innovative, customised turnkey solutions. It is a point of reference in markets as demanding as the aeronautic, defence or motor vehicle sectors.

Activities :


    Productos y Servicios: 

    TEST engineering applied to the aerospace and defence industries.
    Automatic testing equipment: VF3522 vision systems, MDA
    functional systems for fault analysis and low and high voltage wiring verification systems.
    Online systems: We manufacture online systems including MDA or in-circuit testing, vision tests and/or tracking marking/reading systems.
    Fixtures and receivers: Mechanical, pneumatic and vacuum systems for all manufactures and receivers with rapid fixture change.
    Customised applications: Comprehensive solutions in pneumatics, hydraulics, robotics, local and remote acquisition systems and industrial process monitoring.

    Productos Destacados: 

    irbus Military A400M Aircraft Monitoring Systems & Interfaces.
    Design, Manufacture & Integration.
    A400M Break Control system.
    Eurocopter NH90 Prototype Integration Test Rig.

    Programas Aeroespaciales: 


    Información de Contacto: 

    Polígono Industrial Aguisgrana
    c/ Austria s/n. Nave 5
    23200 La Carolina (Jaen)

    Electrónica Informática Instrumentación y Telecomunicaciones S.A.
    Gabriel Antolínez García
    General Director
    T (+34) 918 90 46 14
    F (+34) 918 90 73 58
    gabriel [dot] antolinezateiit [dot] com