TADA, Técnicas Aeronáuticas Defensa y Automoción



Since 1959 TADA has specialized in machining, surface treatments, assembly and tooling for aerospace industrial sector. We offer to our clients a cooperation in an integral service, from product development to final turn-key product delivery.

Activities :


    Productos y Servicios: 
    CNC Machining. Structure and substructures assembly. Surface treatment. Tooling.
    Productos Destacados: 
    EF2000 Wing assembly tooling. Vulcano-Arianne Engine support. A320 & CN235 Flying simulator structure. Boeing B717 Carriage & Flap roller box. Airbus A320 - A340 - A380, Bombardier CRJ700 & Embraer 145-170 Subassemblies and detail parts.


    Información de Contacto: 
    TADA, S.A. Técnica Aeronáutica, Defensa y Automoción, S.A. 
    Pol. Ind. Ctra. Amarilla. Avda. de la Prensa, 8
    41007 Seville 

    Manuel Osorio Cortés
    Vice President 
    T (+34) 954 51 29 66 / 655 94 85 95 
    F (+34) 954 25 08 18 
    tadaattada [dot] es