MDU, Militärtecnologie, Dienst und Überwachung



MDU is a point of reference for Intelligence and Defence in the systems field, capable of providing services to driving companies in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors. It is our mission to be capable of creating value on any aeronautical platform in our own right. MDU designs, develops, produced and maintains components, systems and airborne hardware and software for the aeronautical and defence industries.


Productos y Servicios: 
Testing systems. Critical systems. Airborne HW according to RTCA DO 254. Airborne SW according to RTCA DO 178. Systems engineering services. Telemetric flight testing. System integration. Datalinks. HW and SW simulators.
Productos Destacados: 
Design, development and manufacture of A400M, A330MRTT HW and SW testing benches. Airbus Military A400M AIMs & DLW. Acquisition systems, SEAS SW simulation. HW and SW maintenance and onsite operations.
Programas Aeroespaciales: 


Información de Contacto: 
MDU, S.A. Militärtechnologie, Dienst und Überwachung S.A. Polígono P.I.S.A. c/ Manufactura 4, Edif. Logos 1, 1ª Planta 41927 Mairena Del Aljarafe (Seville) Fernando López Rey Quality & Industrial Security Manager T (+34) 954 18 90 10 / 685 45 19 68 F (+34) 954 18 91 39 flopezatgrupoiud [dot] com