GPtech. is a technologically-based company which offers services and products based in wide knowledge and state-of-the-art electronical technology. Thanks to its origins, the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Seville, GPtech. has great capacity to implement electronical technology to control power electronical equipment. These equipments are essential to industrial applications within the energy, environmental, aeronautic-naval, military and others sectors.

Within the energy sector GPtech. is specialized in renewable energies, efficiency and energy saving. With a high-technology base, we offer a wide range of innovative products completely developed with own resources, as well as engineering and consultancy services. We have undertaken important projects within these sectors, some of them carried out with our own innovative developments. We also offer specific engineering service and products for the wind-generated and photovoltaic electricity sectors as well as new energy generation based on fuel cells.

GPtech. offers complete energy solutions for the most ambitious projects and is proud of being able to take advantage of a resource that is freely provided by the sun in a clean and unlimited way.


Productos y Servicios: 

Ptech. offers its experience in innovative photovoltaic turnkey projects whose components are entirely developed by GPtech. Installations in difficult circumstances and conditions are our challenge.

Best examples of our know how and services are:

  • a 630 kW rooftop installation with load distribution problems,

  • a off-grid installation consisting of 7 isolated photovoltaic installations developed to supply, through solar power, a distributed data acquisition system with remote transmission, located strategically within the Doñana Park

We fulfill the new Spanish requirements of wind generated energy regulations that try to keep Spain between the first countries in the ranking of producers.

Thus, GPtech. offers

  • monitoring of regulations,

  • testing and analysis of incidents,

  • management or maintenance of the parks

as added value in its services, always executed by its professionals with over 15 years of experience.

Another service offered by GPtech. is to give effective solution in the field of mobility and pollution opening new ways of implementing energy efficiency and developing new public transport systems.




Información de Contacto: 
Polígono Industrial PIBO.
Avda. de Camas, 28
41110 Bollullos de la Mitación Seville SPAIN
Tlf: (+34) 954181521.
Fax: (+34) 955776734.