We are a young company, set up just over 25 years ago. We launched the business specialising in the agrifood sector, where we have evolved and expanded up to the present day, and have excellent accreditations and quality certifications.

At the same time our business has grown in the most demanding industrial sectors: principally serving groups in the aerospace sector. We also have the main accreditations, certifications and approvals for this sector.


Productos y Servicios: 
Testing laboratory Solution Analysis / Control. Specimens testing & metallography. Paints, sealants and adhesives testing: acceptance and certification testing. Hydraulic fluids, lubricant oils and fuels. Industrial wastewater.

Technical acceptance of materials
Primary metal products. Technical acceptance of paints. Hydraulic fluids, oils and fuels. Technical acceptance of chemical products in general.

Controlled products distribution Chemical conversion coat. Chemical products for the aeronautics industry. Effectiveness testing material.

Production support services.
Metrological management. Logistics and sampling. Parameter control. Technical consultancy. Planning and problem solving.

Customised solutions in any industrial process
In the "Solutions for" section, we have grouped together the services offered to clients based on the type of industrial activities that they conduct, and especially within the aeronautics sector. Browse this section; if you don't find a customised solution for your manufacturing processes, don't worry: we'll offer you one.
Productos Destacados: 
Consultancy Consultancy for processes, quality systems and production line assembly.

R&D projects: Research, development and innovation projects supported by Canagrosa. Participation in joint projects with companies, educational and research forums.


Información de Contacto: 
Parque Tecnológico Aeroespacial de Andalucía AEROPOLIS,
Calle Wilbur y Orwille Wright No. 15. 41309 La Rinconada,
Sevilla España.
Tel: + 34 954 115 011
Fax: +34 954 115 030
e-mail: canagrosaatcanagrosa [dot] com