AEG, Aerospace Engineering Group (Cima Aeronáutica)



Aerospace Engineering Group (AEG) is a company devoted to the repair and maintenance of aircraft components, including both direct maintenance of components (except for structures and main engines) and hiring and sales services.

It has a total of six branches distributed throughout the U.S.A. (three in Miami) and Spain (Bilbao, Madrid and Seville).This latter delegation, Cima Aeronáutica, is located at the Aerospace Technological Park of Andalusia, Aeropolis, where the company based itself in 2008 following an investment of 3 million euros. Its facilities carry out repairs of electromechanical, hydraulic, avionic, oxygen and fuel components.

AEG also offers the advantage of being the only company providing component maintenance services at Aeropolis. Its aim is to consolidate its position as a benchmark for the maintenance of aeronautical components on a European scale, cooperating with the leading MROs (Maintenance and Repair Organizations) as a main subcontractor. The Seville plant plays a key role given that practically all Andalusian firms are devoted to manufacture, design and assembly and it is the only one that offers maintenance services. AEG’s main customers are Lufthansa Technick, KLM Engineering & Maintenance, Sabena Technics (TAT Group), the Spanish Air Force, Airbus Military and SR Technics.

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