Reinforcement of the industrial business network

Supporting the Andalusian companies relations with oems and the Administrations

In a general sense the Foundation daily represents and supports the Andalusian aerospace tissue in its relationships with the tractor companies (Airbus, Eads or Tiers-1)  by interchanging information and mutual analysis or expectations. Regarding this, the Foundation's Conseil has carried out a great role bringing up important business issues to streamline its relations with tractor companies and the Administration

Support foreing companies to collocate in Andalucía close to the A400M FAL.

Fundación Hélice also supports and provides valuable information to foreign companies interested in investing in Andalusia, out of the business expectations arround the A400M FAL, and also the good business environment created by the Administrations to set up a World Class  Aerospace Cluster in Andalusia. The Foundation has always bridged between the companies and the Administrations, including the Universities. And also between subcontractors and OEMs, as well as conducted several studies about the sector.


Promoting mergers and collaborations to bid for bigger workpackages

Corporate Alliances, specially for small companies, are one of the best ways to increase competitiveness and have a chance to business opportunities out of reach for each company alone.

This way, the Foundation is working with the aerospace cluster to introduce collaborative dynamics: promoting and facilitating joint bidding efforts to bigger work packages.

 This initiative comes along with the unfolding new subcontracting policy of the tractors ( order givers) to encourage this collaborative efforts. 


A bet for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicules Excellence Center

To make the most of the opportunity of this international initiative, a singular facility for UAVs testing, bearing in mind that the Regional Government endorsed the project, following the sector advice, by declaring its strategic nature for Andalusia, given the advanced technologies on UAVs expected to be developed.

The IDEA Agency set up a working group to define a Plan for the Development of this Excellence Center. The Plan being the baseline of the Andalusian candidacy to host the Center..

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