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1. Identifying Data

The Website is the property of the "Fundación Hélice", henceforth denoted as "SUPPLIER", whose corporate address is in c\ Torneo 26, 41002, Seville, Spain, with CIF: G91381202; email address infoatfundacionhelice [dot] com; and whose telephone number is 954.179.002, also available on the "contact" page.

2. Intellectual Property

The content of this Website: texts, images, sound, documents, databases, videos, designs, creativity, software, etc... (henceforth “CONTENT”) and its industrial and intellectual property rights are property of the SUPPLIER or, where of third parties, it is protected by the laws of intellectual property, industrial property, personal rights, publicity and communication rights, and other regulations. The trademarks that appear on this Website are protected by law and the SUPPLIER can exercise civil or penal action against those who infringe their rights.

3. Links andinformation dissemination

The user can view all the content items, print, copy, and store them in any medium, provided this is solely and exclusively for personal and private use, although its distribution, modification, or commercial use remains strictly prohibited. In all links to this Website, be they hypertextual, profound, through frameworks or any other type of virtual connection through the telecommunications network from any Website to any of the contents of the Website herein, the user must be authorized. The user must acknowledge entry into the Website of the SUPPLIER and the URL of the Website of the SUPPLIER must be clearly visible in the user’s browser. It is permitted to distribute, modify, transform, transmit or use the content of this Website only with the written permission of the SUPPLIER, which authorizes only the mentioning of its content on other websitesin the form desired, provided that the content of this Website is not reproduced in full.

4. Liabilities of the content

The SUPPLIERreserves the right to make unannounced additions, modifications or deletions it deems appropriate in the CONTENT of its website, being able toextend, modify, cancel or add both to the services it provides and to its content, or in the form of their presentation or location on the Website any time. The SUPPLIER is not responsible for the use that the user may make of the information and the services available on this Website,nor for any possible infringements of rights of third parties that may be committed by people who do not pertain to the SUPPLIER. The SUPPLIER provides access to a variety of information, services, programs and data on the Internet that may belong to third parties or entities, without converting the SUPPLIER into the publisher of such content, norbeing directly or secondarily liable for any claims that may result from the lack of quality, reliability, completeness or correctness thereof.

5. Technical Aspects

The objective of the SUPPLIER is that the present Website runs smoothly and that it fulfills the purposes for which it was created, as implicitly described in the Website itself.

The SUPPLIER will not assume any liability that may arise from technical problems, computer equipment failures, any possible operation anomalies,nor any liability where the purpose which we have established fails to coincide with that of the user.
The SUPPLIER willmake the effort it deems appropriate, with the sources it has available, to solve possible inaccuracies or malfunctions as soon as possible. Furthermore, theSUPPLIER is exonerated from any responsibility for damages that may be caused by third parties through illegal interference beyond the control of the SUPPLIER, or for potential damage or errors that a computer system (hardware or software) may suffer on access to or use of the Website, due to the presence of any malicious application not attributable to the SUPPLIER.

The SUPPLIER warns that the use that the user makes of the Website and of the information contained herein is solely his/her responsibility, and does not guarantee that certain operations, links or handling may cause the display of content that may harm his/her sensibility or provoke damage. The use of the services that the SUPPLIER offers is not allowed for the distribution of offensive, obscene, or pornographic information , for the advocacy of terrorism, or for any kind of invitation to commit a crime or violation of the dignity of individuals.

The SUPPLIER will cooperate, as far as it is able, if required by court order or relevant authorities to identify persons responsible for such contents that violate the law.

The SUPPLIER may amend these Terms and Conditions by updating this Legal Notice, and hence it is recommended that you consult them periodically for changes. The amendments in this Legal Notice are effective the moment the Website is updated.

The use of this Website implies the acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS established in the Legal Notice herein. In the case that any of them are not accepted, the user must cease its use immediately.

6. Legal Action

The SUPPLIER will pursue any breach of the above legal requirements and any misuse of the content of this Website by exercising all civil actions and criminal charges as appropriate.

Any potential conflicts related to this Website will be governed exclusively by Spanish law, whereby the Courts of La Rinconada, Seville have exclusive jurisdiction.