The Andalusian Aerospace Cluster

Only seven years after the Wright brothers’ historic flight, Andalusia exhibited its first one as well, quickly followed by the creation of its first Military Aerodrome, and its first commercial airline. By the end of the 1950s, Andalusians had manufactured thousands of airplanes. Today, in the 21st century, the A400M contributes in a sustainable way to the consolidation of the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster.

The creation of Fundación Hélice was fuelled by this aerospace tradition, the concentration of activities around the San Pablo area in Seville and the Bahía de Cádiz, as well as the connections with the Administrations. Founded in 2004, it holds the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster representation having patrons from all the cluster’s stakeholders: Universities, Technology Centers, SMEs, Tiers-1, EADS, the Regional Government, Entrepreneurial Organizations and Unions.

Fundación Hélice was created to spread knowledge about the Andalusian aerospace activities, as well as aeronautical culture, but also so to let the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster’s voice be heard in both national and international forums and to articulate the cluster’s growth.



Commercial Meetings, International events participation in tight collaboration with other clusters to give momentum to the Andalusian cluster abroad with the aim of develope the World Class Cluster approach.


Publications, meetings, seminars and specialised  training cycles for cluster members as well as fostering of technology transfer processes.


Together with CATEC ( Tech center ) scientific and tech meetings are organized inviting international experts to promote knowledge transfer.

Assesment Reports

To deepen in the custer knowledge by anual reports, strategic plans and benchmarking studies, to provide society with reliable information source.

Information and Communication Tech. Services

Supply Chain Management Electronic Platform to support business processes and special aerospace SAP-R3 based ERP in Application Service Provider mode to help our companies get full management of any aerospace workpackage.