Among the main foundation activities:


Support services to the andalusian aerospace companies manufacturing processes. Colaborative environment with Airbus Military: supply chain electronic platform and ERP SAP ECMA in ASP mode. AERONET initiative to link-up to the european electronic supply chain management network.

Conducting Andalusian Aerospace cluster related studies and spreading knowledge by publishing the quaterly magazine Aeronautica Andaluza, annual facts $ figures reports, cluster's strategic plans and specific  reports on hot issues.

The Foundation actively contributes to the sector strengthening by facilitating communication and knowledge among the cluster'ss companies that facilitates the establishment of bigger companies or groups with higher technological and financial capabilities, promoting business relationships with international companies and the regional capacities together with the regional authorities institutional support. Ad-hoc training courses and collaborates to the definition of the educational provision.

Supporting companies internationalization initiatives in collaboration with the Regional Development and the External Promotion Agencies IDEA & Extenda, presence in the international fairs and events, commercial missions to boost international business activities, etc

Collaborates with Universities and Technology Centers to increase the cluster technological development, so the foundations is regarded by the Regional Gov. a Knowledege Transfer Entity and is regarded as a Innovative Entreprenural Cluster by the Ministry of Industry of the Central Government of Spain.

Fundación Hélice is a member of :
The Innovative Entreprenural Clusters Network, the EACP, collaborates with TEDAE and trough it with ASD , member of the BoostAero Assoc. and member of AFA

 The Fundation organizes specific training actions on those issues not conveniently covered by the private market.