The Airport of Seville shows an exhibition about the history of the Andalusian aeronautical industry

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Aug 7, 2012

The Airport of Seville has become the aeronautical industry showcase to house a graphic exhibition about the history of the aerospace sector in Andalusia, an initiative that has been boosted by the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster Hélice, in collaboration with the airport itself.

The exposition has been made with the aim of disseminating the importance of the aerospace industry in the community and pre¬senting its image as one of the most thriving aerospace hubs in Europe, showing its historical tradition and development and growth experienced in recent years.

The exposition is permanent and includes a dozen of informative panels that collects some of the most representative images of the aerospace activity in the community in its more than 100 years of history. The first part of the exhibition runs through the boarding corridor, and involves from the realization of the first flight in the old Hippodrome of Tablada, back in 1910, to the leading role that the Andalusian auxiliary industry currently has in projects of the European Consortium EADS.

Based on short texts and photographs full of symbolism, the passenger can discover other curiosities, such as how was the first regular air connec¬tion in Spain (Sevilla-Larache), the use given to the dockyards of Cádiz to build planes, or other milestones related to the manufacture and assembly of aircraft such as HA-200 ‘Saeta’, or A400M and A380 types.

The second part of the exhibition is located at the arrival area, adjacent to the baggage claim, and that serves as a welcome signal. In this case, more visual panels with images of aircraft fully or partially manufactured in Andalusian factories are provided.